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Good wine means culture and pleasure, it can colour our life and give it smart tonalities. Like in a  poetry, where feelings and moods mix with tastes and scents.

This is what my father and my grandfather before him thought, when he started to farm his land in Magnago, taking care and cuddling his vines with love and devotion.
A few years have passed and I, Giuseppe, was completely caught by the unexpectedevents of life and decided to become manager of a technical company. I carry on this activity in the chaotic vivacity of the city, always full of news, a city that very often forgets its roots, its values. I decided to goback to my land, maybe because I have never stopped thinking about it and I have always felt my roots strongly in my hearth.
But I didn’t go back to Magnago, which is the place of my childhood, because in order to produce a high quality wine I had to move towards a place where quality was plentiful. And I chose Suno. A place where the land places at complete vine-grower’s disposal.

I work diligently with my son Alberto, with no hurry or anxiety, because the devotion for what we love must be complete and needs time to produce good fruits. And we are now reaping the harvest of our work: highly complex wines, that represent an attraction for those who are seeking for a man’s devotion for his land





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