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It is pure Nebbiolo, deeply connected to the territory; the wolf is presently the symbol of Suno. It is a crimson strong wine, characterised by red fruits scents. It is tasty and rightly tannic, full-body. This wine is worthy of its name and it fits with stewed white meats, boiled and roasted meat, hard cheeses. It’s also suitable for refinement in bottle.
The ideal serving temperature is from16°C to 18°C. The proper glass is "grand balloon".

La guasta
100% Vespolina. This name reminds my grandfather’s land, not very fruitful, but suitable for vineyard cultivation. Due to this, my grandfather affectionately renamed this Vespolina wine “Tu sei Bella” (it means “you are beautiful”). It is characterized by a full red colour, red fruits scents, medium body and by an harmonic taste. It matches with the traditional PO Valley traditional dishes, cold cuts and white meats. We suggest serving it at a temperature from 16°C to18°C into "balloon" glasses.

wine details

Autochthonous white grape variety according to specification. Caravaggio is the name of Grandfather farmstead. An important name that arouses arts and artist’s love for his painting. This wine has a particular straw yellow colour and releases strong and rich scents. It’s pleasantly tasty and fits with fish dishes, starters and medium seasoned cheeses.
Ideal serving temperature is from 10°C to 12°C. The proper glasses are "balloon" or "tulip" shapes.


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